Price Match Guarantee



The Luxe Gemmes Guarantee makes it easy to purchase moissainte with peace of mind. If you find a comparable GRA graded moissanite pieces at a lower price, send an email with the offer attached. If the offer meets our qualifications, we’ll match the price. There truly is no comparison when it comes to the value and quality of Luxe Gemmes moissanite.

The following terms and conditions apply to our Moissanite Price Match Guarantee program.



  • Moissanite Price Match Guarantee Is A Free Service.
  • Simply contact Luxe Gemmes at with your moissanite quality and price specifications. A Moissanite & Jewelry Consultant will locate a matching Luxe Gemmes moissanite piece. In most cases, Luxe Gemmes has the absolute the lowest price by far. In those cases where the competitor's piece is less, Luxe Gemmes will match the lower price.
  • The Exact Moissanite Stone.
  • To ensure accuracy, the Moissanite Price Match Guarantee program requires that the moissanite be graded by the Global Gemological Resesarch Association Institute. Moissanite stones and jewelry setting will be compared according to the Four Cs – cut, color, clarity, and carat weight, as well as additional criteria such as fluorescence, polish and symmetry, table and depth percentage, etc.
  • To get started, simply contact a Moissanite & Jewelry Consultant at