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Brilliant Eternity Band (3mm)

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  • This beautiful eternity ring features a shared prong design with 3.0 mm round Moissanite gemstones, set in 18k gold or platinum. The total carat weight is approxiamtely 2.0ctw depending on the ring size that is chosen.

  • Luxe Gemmes Moissanite is created to be Colorless (DEF) with exceptional Clarity (VS1). Moissanite center stone selection comes with moissanite side stones. Our moissanite stones do pass Diamond Testers

    Our Lab Diamond center stones come with a Certificate (IGI, GIA). They go through rigorous quality control process and are hand selected to have No Discernible Color (GHI), no visible flaws (VS Clarity), and always 100% Eye Clean. Lab Grown Diamond center stone selection comes with lab grown diamond sides stones.

    Our Gold-Filled metal is prepared using the highest amount of gold layering available on the market on top of a silver core. Gold-filled pieces have an outer 14K Gold layer that makes up at least 5% of the total piece weight. Our Gold-filled jewelry has lasting durability, is more affordable, but not compromise on quality. Gold-filled jewelry is cast over a sterling silver core. It is hypoallergenic, water resistant, will not tarnish and appropriate for daily wear.

    Types of Gold Jewelry by Alison Mitchell

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    All orders made through this online store are considered custom orders. Each piece of jewelry can take several weeks to create from start to finish, all depending on how you customized your order. Since items sold on our store are uniquely designed to your individual specifications, these pieces normally can not be sold to other clients if returned, therefore, 24 hours after you place your order SALES ARE FINAL. If your order is received with manufacturing defect, you may return the unused item in its original condition within 30 days. See Additional Refund Terms HERE
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    Luxe Gemmes

    Lab Grown Diamonds

    1. How It's Made

    Lab Diamonds are grown in a lab setting. Modern technology is able to mimic the growth cycle that earth diamonds take in a lab. This process is sped up to create a diamond with the same qualities as a natural diamond. Natural diamonds take billions of years to form while lab diamonds are created in a matter of weeks under extreme heat and pressure.

    2. Natural vs Lab

    Lab Diamonds have the same chemical composition, look and feel as natural diamonds. Visually and Molecularly lab diamonds have the look when set in a ring or side by side loose. Lab diamonds are graded on the same scale for the 4 C's. On all standpoints a Lab Diamond is Real. Lab Grown diamonds differ in that they are ethically sourced and far less expensive than natural diamonds.

    3. It Is the Same Quality

    Lab Grown Diamonds have a range of quality and grades just like natural earth mined diamonds. Luxe Gemmes Lab Grown Diamonds are sourced internationally to provide the highest quality and price. They are independently certified by the GIA/IGI lab. Grades in the categories of the 4 C's are given to provide a certificate to each diamond.

    4. What Is IGI?

    IGI, The International Gemological Institute, is a worldwide leader in certifying and grading gemstones and diamonds. IGI has a well respected 50 year history of education, innovation, and maintaining industry standards. IGI utilizes the 4 C's evaluation in addition to a variety of other parameters to provide a thorough report on all diamonds.

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