Crushed vs Brilliant Cut

Brilliant Cut

This is a more traditional cut stone. The type and number of facets within the brilliant cut moissanite stone is optimised to refract the most light, and therefore sparkle the most. Light will go down into the centre of the stone, reflect a couple times (off the facets), and come back out through the stone. This is the most efficient way for light to travel and as a result, the facets and sparkle are clear and bright. 



Crushed Ice Cut 

With a crushed ice moissanite stone, there are many more facets within the pavilion of the stone and each facet has a different angle which gives off that crushed ice effect. Light will go into the centre of the stone and will often bounce all over the place. Sometimes it will reflect multiple times inside the stone, sometimes it will exit instead of bouncing back up. So, in short - it doesn't reflect the light as 'brilliantly'. However, it is beautiful and many believe moissanite looks even more like a diamond with this cut.



Which Should I Choose?

Well, if you’re after a stone with the most sparkle and clearly defined facets, a brilliant cut is the best option. If you’re wanting a more subtle sparkle, perhaps crushed ice is the better option for you. And when it comes to cushions, ovals and pears - if your goal is to have the most diamond like alternative, perhaps consider the crushed ice faceting as this will be the most similar in appearance to a diamond gemstone.

It's all about personal preference. Our Luxe Gemmes stones have been cut to perfection, are DEF colorless and VVS1 clarity, meaning whichever you choose you’ll have the highest quality moissanite stone in your beautiful ring.